Monday, February 04, 2008

President's Water Security Initiative

The US Dept of Interior summary of the President's FY09 budget includes a Water Security Initiative with the following components:

National Water Census:
  • $8 million for a census to evaluate the status of aquifer and reservoir storage, surface and groundwater flows, water quality, and water use.
  • Expands networks of stream gages to assess long-term national trends in streamflows.
  • Creates an integrated system to track and study groundwater.
  • Enhances water modeling capabilities based on improved knowledge of the interaction
  • between surface water and groundwater.
Water conservation and basin studies:
  • $13 million to partner with State and local agencies to promote the efficient use of water through a competitive grant process.
  • Conserves water by improving water-use efficiency.
  • Increases water availability by assessing the impact of increased water demand and changing demographics on water supply.
  • Prevents the decline of species by proactively addressing adverse environmental impacts on habitats.

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