Saturday, May 24, 2008

Arizona mines looking for workers

News reports have talked about it for the past year - the demand for workers at Arizona mines continues to grow. Coming through Clifton yesterday, just south of Morenci on state highway 191, the new housing development across the canyon is impressive. And next to it, big equipment was scraping ground to add what looks like just as many new homes.

Down the road at the junction with highway 78, the BHP Billiton billboard is recruiting for workers at the Pinto Valley mine.

As I blogged early, the Carlota mine plans on increasing their staff from 153 to 230 in the next quarter.

In April, Arizona lost 4,600 jobs, 3,200 of which were in construction. About 1,000 jobs were added in leisure and hospitality and another in government (federal and schools mostly). Mining added 100 jobs in April statewide.

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