Saturday, May 10, 2008

Don't call it global warming; it's "ambient temperature rise"

An upcoming paper to be published by ASU electrical engineer professor Gerald Heydt [right: ASU Electrical Engineering Dept] is caught up in global warming politics. The journal Science reports that Heydt's paper in IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery describes the impact of global warming on reducing the working lives of electric power transformers. But in the review process, one reviewer referred to 400 scientists who supposedly are skeptics of global warming claims, so in the interests of getting the paper published, Heydt and colleagues replace the term with "ambient temperature rise."

The reference to 400 skeptics sounds suspiciously similar to claims of the Heartland Institute, a self-described think tank that recently held an international conference denying climate change and released a list of supposed climate skeptics that was widely criticized as falsely labeling many of the people on the list.

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  1. Anonymous11:44 AM

    Its complicated. The list was 500 strong but only 400 were actual deniers.

    A handful of about 10% published data that was denier ammo but still claimed they believed in global warming, probably to avoid the loss of research money and ostrocism.

    There are 400, however, who deniers through and through. They have the courage to speak truth to power, and telling the Goracle to shove it.