Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Preliminary drilling of shaft at Resolution Copper

Resolution Copper has drilled about 90 feet of the proposed 7,000 foot shaft for the huge underground copper project near Superior. This keeps the drilling contractor engaged while negotiations continue on the federal land exchange Resolution needs to commit to full development.

Adam Schwarz (right), geologist with Resolution, spoke last night at the Arizona Geological Society dinner meeting on the geology of the copper-moly deposit. Adam described the ore body as structurally, geochemically, and compositionally complex, with an unusually long period of mineralization. He attributed the deposits richness to three factors: no late, barren intrusive phase, favorable host rocks (diabase, skarn, and others), and hypergene mineralization.

During the questions after his talk, he said they were keeping the drilling contractor busy with the pre-shaft work. A few months ago, former Resolution president John Rickus told AGS that if the driller left for other projects, it might be 2 years or more before they could get them back to Resolution, delaying the project.

Adam spoke to one of the largest crowds at an AGS talk in the past couple of years. A crowd of questioners surrounded him for a long time after the talk was over.

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