Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Cenral Arizona Geology Club

The recently formed Prescott Geology Club has become the Central Arizona Geology Club with a website/blog at http://centralarizonageologyclub.blogspot.com/

They are organizing a gold panning field trip this Saturday [right: Lynx Creek withdrawal area, credit US Forest Service]. Trip leader Roy Row describes,

"Water level in Lynx is dropping fast, however, I believe we will have sufficient water for Saturday.

I want to pan in Lynx Creek @ Stoneridge Dr.

We will meet @ Hwy 69 & and Stoneridge. Make the turn, S, onto Stoneridge and proceed about 200 yds to a street that turns, R , into the new Crossroads. I will be waiting there in my 1993 Green Toyota Land Cruiser ( which is well AZ pin stripped). Once all have assembled we will make the short drive to the parking area. There will be a short hike down to the creek, maybe 5-600 yds from where we park. All should be able to negotiate.

I suggest wearing rubber boots or "crik shoes", bring along a pill vial or similar small container to capture your Gold. For those who wish to "dig", bring a shovel.

I anticipate this outing to be no more than 2 hours. Due to the warmer weather, we will meet @ 8:00 am."

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