Saturday, June 28, 2008

John Foster Dulles, Arizona miner

John Watson Foster Dulles [family photo], son of the Secretary of State during the Eisenhower administration, and a prominent figure in Arizona mining, died last week at 95. His great-grandfather and a great uncle were also secretaries of state, while his uncle headed the CIA.

Bored with New York banking in the late 1930s, he took a position with C. Tennant & Sons, Co. in the Duquesne mine of Patagonia, Arizona near Nogales, where he mucked the roads to the mine, and then advanced to underground operations.

He got a second bachelors degree from the UA School of Mines and Metallurgy in 1943, and an advanced degree in metallurgical engineering before going to mining jobs in Mexico and Brazil. In 1962 he became a professor of Latin American studies at the Univ. of Texas and for 25 years also taught at UA.

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