Thursday, June 26, 2008

Must-see geology TV

Black Gold, the reality tv series about drilling for oil is creating buzz within geology circles, at least among my colleagues in the petroleum business. The second hour long episode was last night on TRU TV and I've been hearing about it from lots of folks who found it great entertainment. One email this morning from a friend in Houston described it this way:

"It’s about three drilling rigs out in west Texas racing down to 10000’. Cameras on the rig floor follow the roughnecks, the driller, the company men and owner as the wells drill and get stuck, the machinery breaks down and the crews screw up or get time off in town and booze it up. It’s amazing any thing gets drilled when you see the chaos on the drill floor."

I took a quick look at the online clips to see that it looks pretty realistic. All of us who have worked on rigs have stories like these to tell, ranging from funny to tragic.

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