Monday, June 02, 2008

Geotimes: "Geology Bloggers Rock"

The online version of Geotimes published a story on geobloggers this weekend, that includes this one, along with summaries of six others. It's nice to be included with these very talented folks. Two of them are new to me, and are excellent. I encourage you to take a read. Some of the blogs, like Clastic Detritus, have extensive links to a other geo-blogs and online resources. It's a dynamic community. [right:, one of the highlighted geoblogs]

A second story in the Geotimes 'Geomedia' section, right below the geo-blogger story is one entitled, "Science Bloggers Question Their Role," about commentaries in Nature Geoscience in April that questioned if blogging is helping or hindering the field of geosciences. It's generated a fair amount of debate and comments, especially in the geoblogosphere.

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