Monday, September 29, 2008

101 geoblogs

German blogger has compiled a list of 101 geoblogs. I'm reposting them here to help spread the word. There are a lot of talented people sharing fascinating and well-written ideas and news out there. The role of geoblogging is still in its formative stage. It's exciting to see how quickly it's growing and diversifying. Thanks to Callan Bentley at NOVA Geoblog for spotting this list.


(Palaeo-) Climatology

Geo-Hazards / Geoengineering

Geo-Information (GIS etc.)

  • The Geo Factor by Ron Exler - Blog about GIS, GPS etc.
  • Geologic Froth - blog about geoscientific data-processing with focus on GPS and GIS
  • MiGeo - Blog from Peru about web-based geoscientific applications (in Spanish)


  • Arctic and Alpine by Dawn and Dave Nicholson - news, discussions and links about geomorphology in cold climates


Hydrogeology / Hydrology


Petrology/Mineralogy/Economic Geology

Quarternary Geology

Regional and Local Geology

  • Arizona Geology by Allison - diverse geo-topics about Arizona and neighbouring states
  • Oakland Geology by Andrew Alden - geological outcrops in Oakland
  • proreg news by Michael Hahl - articles about the geology of the German Odenwald (in German)


Structural Geology/Tectonics


  • ECRIS & CEVP - comprehensive articles about the European Cenozoic Rift System (ECRIS) and the Central European Volcanic Provence (CEVP) (in German)
  • Eruptions by Dr. Erik W. Klemetti - Blog about active volcanos worldwide
  • Magma Cum Laude - blog about volcanos and their molten and solidified products
  • Volcano Summer - Blog about a research stay of a geology student at Mauna Loa (Hawaii)
  • The Volcanism Blog by Dr. Ralph Harrington - Blog about worldwide volcanos, especially Chaitén, Llaima, Kilauea and Tungurahua


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  1. Wow. That's quite a list by this geoberg guy. I appreciate the hardwork that went into this one.

    I guess he has worked or probably still working for some Oil and Gas company. That is the sector when people get to 'do geology' and learn the most.