Monday, September 22, 2008

MINExpo draws 40,000

MINExpo opened today in Las Vegas today, attracting a reported 40,000 attendees, 10,000 more than the last time it was held, in 2004.

I'm staffing the State Geologists booth and talked with a steady stream of visitors through the day about mining in Arizona. The first question came within minutes of our opening this morning from a company geologist looking for potash resources. I was able to hand him the new issue of "Arizona Geology" that came out on Friday, describing the first assessment of potash in Arizona.

Others wanted info on gold, aggregate, geothermal, potential for supplying services to the mining industry, and a lot of basic questions about Arizona geology. It was a steady stream all day long.

I had only a short time to get out and see other exhibits but expect to see more tomorrow and hope to have more to blog about.

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