Sunday, September 07, 2008

Mining forces us to "pay attention to what our lifestyle does to the planet"

There is a thoughtful and provocative piece on mining and the Rosemont copper mine in particular at the Tucson Observer blog, entitled "Meteor Crater Caused by Humans." [thanks to Jack Caldwell at "I Think Mining" for spotting this one]

Author "Jimmy Petrol" offers three options:

Option one; follow the current American method and make the miners go dig in third-world countries, where the environmental restrictions are lesser. With this option, our backyard stays pristine(er), but the earth get dirtier overall.

Option two; dig the hole, get the copper for our new laptops and houses, pay attention to what our lifestyle does to the planet and think about it when we chose to consume. Have the effects in our face, and the mine right here where we can be sure it will be done cleanly.

Option three; mine the largest, purest copper deposit in the area; our houses. If you don't want to mine the earth for minerals, take your copper wires out of your walls, the ceiling fans and alternators and put them in a pile at the curb. If you don't want copper, you shouldn't be made to have any.

[right, land ownership map Santa Rita mountains, Augusta Resources]

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  1. Anonymous4:20 PM

    This is an oversimplication of an issue.

    It is about the water

    It is about a project deserted by real mining companies.

    It is about destroying over 3000 acres of public land

    And, a view from Highway 83 is not the only view. If you read the MPO, there are plenty of places which will have a great view of the destruction and what of the lights, 24/7.

    Those are minor issues-compared to the water. If you live in Tucson you should be concerned.

    As for exporting the dirty work, where do you think the copper would be smelted? One of the more dangerous aspects of the whole process? By the Reservation in Tucson, Asia and possibly Mexico. Maybe the middle of Arizona.

    Where do you think the copper wires would be made into laptops etc?

    Our water, environment (human and ecological) and resources would be destroyed and taken to enable another country's industrial revolution.