Sunday, March 08, 2009

AZ Republic endorses Resolution copper mine

Arizona's largest newspaper, the Phoenix-based Arizona Republic, today endorsed the developing the giant Resolution copper mine near Superior as an economic boon for the state. They note the project will employ 3,000 workers during peak construction, and 1,200 miners plus another 200 construction workers during peak copper production. Then there's the taxes that would flow at all levels. [right, #9 shaft at the East Plant is the focus of Resolution Copper's main development. Credit, Resolution Copper]

The editorial makes the case that environmental and cultural issues can be resolved and Congress has to pass a land exchange bill to make further investment by the company practical.

The paper calls on Rep. Ann Kirkpatrick to introduce land exchange legislation in the House as a companion piece in the Senate introduced by Jon Kyl.

Resolution Copper meanwhile, has a new 6 minute video posted online that describes the project.

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