Friday, March 20, 2009

UA asronomers will train asteroid hunters

Astronomers from the UA's Catalina Sky Survey will run a workshop April 2-4 to give participants hands-on experience in observing, image processing and data analysis of asteroids and near-Earth objects. But it's not cheap.

The CSS team has discovered about 70 percent of all near-Earth objects found in the past three years. [right, the 60-inch telescope on Mount Lemmon is one of three telescopes the Catalina Sky Survey used in finding 565 near-Earth objects in 2008. Credit, UA]

The "Observing Asteroids and Near Earth Objects" workshop costs $725, which includes transportation, food, accommodations, workshop materials, and a tour of Steward Observatory's world-famous Mirror Lab underneath the east wing of the UA football stadium.

Participants will need to provide their own laptop computers, which must meet the minimum system requirements listed on the workshop registration page.

Registration can be made online at the Mount Lemmon SkyCenter Web site or at the Catalina Sky Survey Web site.

[this was taken in part from a UA press release]

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