Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Green Valley's biggest water user opposes copper mine

The Green Valley News & Sun reports that the owners of the area's largest water consumer, Farmer's Investment Co, a large pecan grower, showed up at a Congressional hearing in DC to oppose the Rosemont Copper mine in the nearby Santa Rita Mountains, expressing concern over potential water usage at the proposed mine. The hearing was on revisions to the 1872 Hardrock Mining law. [right, native copper. Credit, Rosemont Copper]

Rosemont's web site however, says,
Rosemont has made a commitment to the local community to recharge 105% of the total mine water production within the Tucson AMA basin, as close to the water production site as is feasible. The total life-of-mine usage is currently estimated to be 100,000 acre feet, resulting in a recharge commitment of 105,000 acre-ft.
Meanwhile, the company announced today that they received written notification from the Arizona State Mine Inspector that the Rosemont Copper Project Mined Land Reclamation Plan has been approved.

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