Monday, August 03, 2009

Little damage reported along Mexican coast

So far, there are few reports of damage and no reports of injuries from today's M 6.9 earthquake in the Gulf of California. One reason may be that the motion was strongly strike-slip (right slip, as would be expected for a transform fault in this region) and the energy was focused along strike to the northwest.

The USGS is now posting moment tensor solutions for the quake showing a northwest solution of 313 degrees and dip of 90 degrees (for the centroid).

One of the best visualizations of this can be seen in the Southern Calif. Earthquake Center (SCEC) simulations of motion on the San Andreas fault. I particularly like the pair of videos showing both north and south propagation. Notice how the velocities are highest in the direction of fault propagation and drop off quickly to the perpendicular.

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