Sunday, August 02, 2009

"Unabated" water use in Arizona

What happens in the 101st year when a community's 100-year assured water supply runs out?

The Arizona Republic's Shaun McKinnon wrote a pretty provocative indictment of Arizona's groundwater situation in today's paper. One of the problems he notes is that while many communities are injecting water into aquifer 'water banks' for future emergency use, adjacent communities may be draining that water with their own pumping.

This is a report relevant not only to Arizona but wherever groundwater sustainability is an issue. [right, groundwater Active Management Areas in Arizona. Credit, ADWR]


  1. This problem is not only for Arizona, this is global issue.
    Peoples are selfish they are rude with nature.

    It would be very helpful, if right some suggestion with your comments

  2. The problem has always remained perennial although not a lot of steps have been done to solve it - I am resolve that public orientation is not enough, ACTIVE government intervention must be observed.