Tuesday, August 11, 2009

USGS presentation on Tuba City dump

The USGS has released a report on the major questions about the Tuba City Open Dump:

(1) what are the sources for uranium and other constituents found in the ground water in and around the Tuba City Open Dump?
(2) what is the current distribution of ground water contaminants away from the Tuba City Open Dump (can plume limits be delineated)?
(3) what controls the mobility of uranium and other constituents in and around the Tuba City Open Dump?

The report is a summary of presentations given at a technical meeting requested by the BIA on March 3 and 4, 2009, in Phoenix, Arizona. The information is taken from previously published USGS reports, (Open-File Reports 2009-1020, 2008-1380, and 2008-1374, and an Administrative Report on geophysical data).

Ref: Johnson, Raymond H.; Otton, James K.; Horton, Robert J., Results and Interpretations of U.S. Geological Survey Data Collected In and Around the Tuba City Open Dump, Arizona, USGS Open-File Report 2009-1154, 125 p.

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