Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Petrified Forest one of top 10 national parks 'you don't know about'

Petrified Forest in Arizona is one of the ten best national parks that are not well known around the country, according to a story on the Huffington Post web site. They are conducting a poll of what are the public's favorites among the 10. It's currently ranked 8th. [right, as petrified logs erode from the badlands, they tumble down to the base of the hills. Credit, T. Scott Williams/NPS]

They say the park "resembles a moonscape with fossilized wood remnants scattered across its terrain. Visitors can hike along the Painted Desert Rim Trail or the Blue Mesa Trail, which is layered with plant and animal fossils. Notably, the Forest is the only national park to include a section of Route 66, America’s historic highway."

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