Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Devil's Kitchen sinkhole outside Sedona

There are areas of the Devil's Kitchen sinkhole north of Sedona that are identified as being high risk due to the potential for imminent collapse.

The Winter issue of our newsletter Arizona Geology, was posted online today with a feature story on the Devil's Kitchen sinkhole, by consulting geologist Paul Lindberg. Paul is working on a more comprehensive formal report to be published by AZGS.

The Devil's Kitchen sinkhole is one of at least seven known features in the area. The first recorded collapse occurred in the early 1880's according to local residents, with a second historical collapse in 1989.

Paul's article includes a number of photos, maps, and geologic cross sections. It's a fascinating read.

But it also identifies critical areas around the rim that Paul characterizes as high risk of imminent collapse.

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