Friday, December 11, 2009

Recent Arizona earthquakes

Arizona experienced 100+ in the past quarter, of which 32 were accurately plotted. Brendan Hodge at the Arizona Earthquake Information Center (AEIC), forwarded this preliminary map of epicenters.

Mimi Diaz, who heads our Phoenix branch and is the PI on the AZ Integrated Seismic Network, reports that "The Halloween Swarm had over 100 microquakes, most less than M2.5. All of those are not represented on that map. However, there were a couple dozen in the M2.0-2.5 range that are shown on the map. The Hoover Dam earthquake was a discrete event, the Fredonia earthquake had a foreshock and a main shock, and the Wild Bend event had a main shock and an aftershock."


  1. Chris Fitzpatrick8:07 AM

    i felt fairly strong earth tremors in Sedona Az. last night at 11;55PM and throughout the early morning of March 27th...trying to figure out where the epi center of an earthquake may have been. Not certain how the fault lines run...if I would have felt something that occurred in California?

  2. Chris, there are no earthquakes reported anywhere in Arizona at this time and nothing large enough outside the state to cause the kind of ground shaking you describe. We monitor quake size well below the size that can be felt, so I suspect there is something else responsible for what you experienced.

  3. Susan Gonos11:04 AM

    I felt a shaking on the morning of 11-09-2011 around 1 or 2:30 in the morning. It only lasted around a minute, but was a good shake, in Phoenix, AZ around the area of 64th St. and Shea. It woke me up. No large vehicles or anything in the area either...