Thursday, December 31, 2009

No damage to Palo Verde nuclear plant from quake

Reuters reports that Palo Verde nuclear plant [right, credit Palo Verde NGS] , about 50 miles west of Phoenix, told the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission that Wednesday's magnitude 5.8 earthquake did not register on the plant's seismic monitoring equipment.

The blog, Ontario-geofish, which is highly critical of the nuclear power industry, is saying this is further evidence that nuclear seismic monitors don't work.

However, the Arizona Integrated Seismic Network (AISN) station at Wintersburg (Z14A), which is near Palo Verde, did record a strong clear signal from the quake [right].

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  1. Anonymous12:25 AM

    We need to have national focus of the magnitude of Mercury-Gemini-Apollo to implement solar and wind power generation in this country.

    The blurb above gives support to the idea of: time for change.