Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dam burst empties Tempe Town Lake overnight

One of the rubber bumpers that form the western dam that creates Tempe Town Lake along the Salt River, burst with a pop around 10 pm last night, draining about 3/4 of the lakes billion gallons. The Phoenix New Times captured photos of the water draining out.

The East Valley Tribune has more photos today showing the nearly empty lake bed. I saw a report that the dam repaired and lake refilled by Nov. 1. [right, Tempe Town Lake after being drained overnight. Credit, Titoxd, Wikipedia]


  1. What will the people in that area do for water and how long before it is repaired and refilled?

  2. Nice picture... ;)

    Mike, the dam is not for conservation usage; Tempe Town Lake is primarily a recreational facility. The city's water supply comes from the Salt River Project system, and we are doing well so far this summer. The lake is expected to be reopened in November. (Of course, that assumes no lawsuits...)