Tuesday, July 06, 2010

States to add new geothermal data to national system

State geological surveys will be gathering new state-specific data to contribute to the DOE-supported National Geothermal Data System.

Arlene Anderson, DOE Geothermal Technologies Program Team Lead for Strategic Planning, Analysis and Geothermal Informatics, briefed attendees at the AASG annual meeting last week that the cooperative agreement between AASG and DOE (managed by the Arizona Geological Survey) would expand the effort for collection of new data:

The expectation is that the new data will lead to derived geothermal gradients, heat flow, thermal conductivity, radioactive heat production numbers, and other geothermal relevant data as necessary in areas where such data are inadequate or lacking.

DOE will provide an additional $4.058 million of ARRA funding to the existing project for a new total of $21.94 million.

In related news, all 50 states are now represented in the project with the addition of data resources from Maryland and Delaware last week.

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