Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Flash flood, possible debris flows in Flagstaff

Rain fall of 1.75" in an hour triggered possible debris flows on the slopes burned by the Schultz fire in Flagstaff [right, credit, US Forest Service] and flash floods in the flood plain that swept away a young girl yesterday. The latest report is that 80 homes were flooded with water, mud, or ash.

Charred Area Flooded by Flagstaff

Mudflows below the Schultz fire inundate houses, block roads, clog culverts

Girl, 12, swept away by floodwaters is dead, authorities say

AZGS geologist Dr. Jeri Young is in Flagstaff assessing the situation, including whether the water pipeline along Waterline Road was breached by debris flows on the steep slopes that had burned recently. The line supplies 20% of Flagstaff's summer water. We heard that 1.5 million gallons was lost from the line before it could be shut off.

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  1. Anonymous2:47 AM

    Flash flood has been around for so long!