Thursday, April 07, 2011

Key provisions of Mines Dept. - Geo Survey consolidation

The ADMMR-AZGS agency consolidation bill, SB1615, was sent to Gov. Brewer on Monday for signature. Here is the summary of the key provisions, as provided by Legislative staff:

Department of Mines Minerals and Resources Transfer to Arizona Geological Survey

· Transfers all of the duties and responsibilities of the Department of Minerals and Mining Resources (DMMR), including the director membership on the Centennial and Mining and mineral Museum advisory council, to the Arizona Geological Survey.

· Repeals statutes relating the DMMR including the Board of Governors for DMMR and the Mines Minerals Resource Fund.

· Specifies that this act does not alter the effect of any actions that were taken or impair the valid obligations of DMMR in existence before the effective date of this act.

· Stipulates that the administrative rules and orders that were adopted by DMMR continue in effect until superseded by administrative action by the Arizona Geological Survey.

· Specifies that all certificates, licenses, registrations, permits and other indicia of qualification and authority that were issued by DMMR retain their validity for the duration of their terms.

· Transfers all equipment, records, furnishings and other property, all data and investigative findings and all appropriated monies that remain unexpended and unencumbered on the effective date of this act from DMMR to the Arizona Geological Survey.

· Stipulates that all personnel who are under state personnel system and employed DMMR are transferred to comparable positions and pay classifications in the respective administrative units of the Arizona Geological Survey on the effective date of this act.

Mines and Minerals Fund

· Transfers $32,200 from the Mines and Minerals Fund (MMF) to the Arizona Historical Society Revolving Fund and the remaining monies in the MMF to the Geological Survey Fund.


  1. Anonymous9:58 AM

    Please give us a couple examples of the "administrative rules and orders that were adopted by DMMR" that will continue in effect until superseded.

  2. Anonymous10:12 AM

    Will the many reports and publications on ADMMR's website remain on the internet?

  3. At this time, we are not aware of any administrative rules or orders but the AG's office is checking on this for us.

    And all the ADMMR publications will continue to be available. After July 1, we will be looking to consolidate the materials on the ADMMR website onto a revamped AZGS website, but I expect we will keep the ADMMR address active for quite a while to redirect users to the new site.