Saturday, April 09, 2011

Geologic mapping in Springerville Volcanic Field

The USGS will fund mapping under the EDMAP program for Dr. Christopher Condit and his students at University of Massachusetts, for geologic mapping in the Springerville Volcanic Field, east-central Arizona, in parts of two quadrangles: southeastern part of the Horseshoe Cienega Quadrangle, and the southwestern part of the Greens Peak Quadrangle.

The proposed mapping in this area will complete a large part of the remaining unmapped sections of the Springerville Volcanic Field, considered one of the most scientifically important such features in the world. The planned flow-by-flow mapping will provide important constraints and documentation on the origin of the field, but also has near-term practical applications for groundwater resources for the White Mountain Apache Tribe.

AZGS anticipates publishing the maps when completed.


  1. Anonymous7:03 AM

    Has the mapping done there in 2010 been completed and released?

  2. The 2010 field mapping is complete but the map has not been submitted yet for publication. I'll check with Chris Condit about it's status.

  3. Anonymous3:46 PM

    When does mapping in the Springerville area with this funding begin? When does the contract specify that the completed mapping will be submitted to the AZGS? I assume that a contract is signed for these projects.

  4. The contract is between USGS and UMass. Field work will begin as soon as school is out this spring.

    There is no obligation for Chris to submit his map(s) to AZGS for publication but we're impressed with his previous work and hope he will consider having us publish this new work.