Monday, April 18, 2011

Arizona moves up to 15th in State Technology & Science Index

Arizona moved up to places to 15th nationwide, in the Milken Institute's State Technology and Science Index (STSI). The report offers that "successful state and regional economic development in the United States is increasingly tied to harnessing and nurturing the innovation assets present within their borders."

The State Technology and Science Index provides a nationwide benchmark for states to assess their science and technology capabilities, along with their ecosystems for converting them into companies and high-paying jobs. There are 79 individual indicators. Each indicator is computed and measured relative to population, gross state product (GSP), number of establishments, number of businesses, and other factors. Data sources include government agencies, foundations, and private sources.
The indicators are subdivided into five equally-weighted major composites:
  • Research and development inputs
  • Risk capital and entrepreneurial infrastructure
  • Human capital capacity
  • Technology and science workforce
  • Technology concentration and dynamism
Arizona's neighbors rank all over the map - California was steady at #4, Utah moved up 3 positions to #5, New Mexico down 2 to #18, and Nevada dropping 1 to #46.

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