Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Speed interview - 5 topics, 9 minutes

I missed out on speed dating by a generation or two, but last night I got a taste of what it must be like. Ted Simons, host of the public affairs show "Horizon" on PBS Channel 8 in Phoenix interviewed me, covering five topics in 9 minutes, 11 seconds. We talked about the Arizona Mining & Mineral Museum, seismic safety of Palo Verde Nuclear Generating Station, the AZGS-run earthquake monitoring network, earth fissures, and potash exploration near Holbrook. Wow.

The show started out with a lengthy segment on the mineral museum and those who are concerned about the future of the collections or opposed to its conversion to the "Arizona Experience" in celebration of the centennial next year.

The studio is in the new Cronkite School of Journalism building just north of downtown and the facilities are spectacular. ASU students are involved in or running every aspect of the production. Everyone I met was gracious and professional. And Ted is the consummate moderator. I didn't think we could cover all these topics in the time available but he gave all the right subtle hints -posture, tone, gestures - to keep me on track. The gaffes are all mine.


  1. Anonymous4:30 AM

    One thing that was never mentioned in the two day interview on the mineral museum closure was how they were going to pay for the new Arizona Experience Museum. A month ago, after a year of fundraising, they have only raised a total of $1.75 million dollars. They need $15.2 million. At this rate it will take them more than 5 years to fund this project. In the meantime the state will lose "it's windows to the earth's inner beauty" and a geology treasure.

  2. $15.5 million is only the cost of the displays and building renovation. Operating the new museum will cost even more, and we are paying already. The $6 dollar Arizona Historical Society budget was not touched during state budget cutting because they are managing the new museum. Other less visible state money is also being diverted to the AHS. For example, the proceeds from the special centennial license plate will go to the AHS.

  3. The AHS is currently advertizing TWO curator positions for the new museum. The mineral museum never had more than one.