Tuesday, May 17, 2011

New State Geothermal Data web site rolled out

The AZGS managed State Geothermal Data project web site rolled out softly yesterday. A lot of it is aimed at project members - 45 state geological surveys and partners - but there is plenty for the geothermal community and interested readers.

StateGeothermalData.org has received a makeover, adding functionality and improved communications for sub-recipients of the State Geothermal Data Project and the public. For the public, this site provides a comprehensive overview of the project, automatic feeds to the most up-to-date and relevant news on geothermal energy, and access to all publicly available data on the State Geothermal Data Project including Webinars, White Papers, and completed deliverables.

Members have the ability to access information on all stages of Data Delivery, including the data development cycle, technical discussions, user scenarios, vocabularies, and content model templates. They will also be able to login to access the member’s repository, forums, and to upload reports and deliverables. The recorded webinars and training, as well as presentations from various conferences and invited talks, will also be available to project members and are being uploaded to the State Geologists YouTube channel.

This is a working version of a site that we plan on expanding continuously. Comments and suggests are welcome!

Kudos to AZGS webmaster par excellence Pam Barry-Santos for the new site (and the AZOGCC site among other makeovers).

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