Friday, May 27, 2011

Recovering from Flagstaff's Schultz fire and getting ready for floods

A lot of news out of Flagstaff on the aftermath of last summers Schultz fire and subsequent flooding. Coconino County last week declared a disaster in advance of the summer monsoon rains, to try to prevent or at least minimize the potential for more flooding and debris flows on the residential areas of the alluvial fan below the slopes denuded by the fire. [right, drainage ditch under construction in Aug, 2010 to divert flood waters from neighbors below the Schultz fire area, seen as light colored area on slopes in background. My photo]

Today, Gov. Brewer allocated $305,000 of federal stimulus funds to Coconino County "pay for concrete barriers and sand bags to prevent land erosion and property damage during rainstorms. Additionally, the funding will provide labor resources to aid residents of the at-risk area in preparing for future flooding, and will help the county conduct a PR campaign to alert residents to the danger and pro-active steps they can take to minimize their risk."

This morning, we heard that Coronado National Forest is providing a $250,000 grant to the City of Flagstaff to reroute the 14-mile long Inner Basin water pipeline that was broken in 17 places from the post-fire floods. The pipeline supplies about 20% of the city's summer water, from springs on San Franciso Peaks, according to the Daily Sun. Flagstaff will have to come up with an additional $350,000 to complete the repairs.

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