Thursday, July 14, 2011

Resolution Copper land exchange passed in House Committee

The U.S. House Natural Resources Committee approved the land exchange bill needed by Resolution Copper to move forward in development of what could be the largest copper producing mine in North America.

The underground mine is projected to provide as much as 20% of the U.S. demand for copper for 40 years and generate billions of dollars in revenues.

Cronkite News Services listed the property to be swapped [right, map of exchange parcel locations. Credit, Resolution Copper]:

Resolution Copper would get:
- 2,422 acres of the Oak Flat federal parcel in northeast Pinal County

The federal government would get 5,344 acres:
- 147 acres of the Turkey Creek parcel in Gila County
- 148 acres of the Tangle Creek parcel in Yavapai County
- 149 acres of the Cave Creek parcel in Maricopa County
- 640 acres of the East Clear Creek parcel in Coconino County
- 110 acres of the Apache Leap South End parcel in Pinal County
- 3,050 acres of the Lower San Pedro River lands in Pinal County
- 160 acres of the Dripping Springs area in Gila and Pinal counties
- 940 acres of the Appleton Ranch area in Santa Cruz County

The Town of Superior could buy up to 545 acres from the government:
- 30 acres of the Fairview Cemetery Parcel in Pinal County
- 265 acres around Superior Airport in Pinal County
- 250 acres of parcels contiguous to the airport land


  1. Anonymous4:37 PM

    This shows me how Gov't, miners and all parties involved can work together to create jobs in the Arizona mining industry.

    I would think the same co-operation will continue as the Potash exploration companies in the Holbrook basin move forward towards production.

    Rob (Passport Potash shareholder)

  2. Beaux Talks7:33 AM

    Rob, unfortunately not all members of government are interested in working together to creat jobs in the Arizona mining industry. The current Administration, including the Secretary of the Interior, have demonstrated that they are not.

    Click on the Cronkite News Services link and you will read that U.S. Representative Raul Grijalva (Democrat-Tucson) is trying his best to stop this ore-body from being mined. He's also trying to stop the Rosemont mine near Tucson. (He's the Congressman who encouraged people to boycott his own state over SB1070, the illegal immigration bill passed by the AZ legislature.) Guess what side he will be on relative to mining the potash deposit in the Holbrook basin.