Friday, July 29, 2011

State Geothermal Data project earns kudos

The DOE external Peer Review panel evaluated the first year of the AZGS-managed State Geothermal Data project and rated it ‘excellent’ to ‘outstanding.’ The only ‘criticisms’ were desires to see the user applications developed quickly so industry can use the system. These are goals for year 2 that are under development. Some comments from the reviewers:

“The approach taken by the PI and research team has been exceptional. The technical approach taken by the PI is remarkable, reasonable and logical.”

“Results are already extensive and impressive.”

“This is a strong, well-managed project.”

“The most visible strength was the outstanding project management.”

“This project has definitely made a significant impact on DOE's mission and goals. The project has evolved exceptionally well and has addressed many difficulties in attempting to achieve its stated goals.”

AZGS is working through the Association of American State Geologists to digitize data relevant to geothermal energy from all 50 states, create a national distributed data network, and link it into the National Geothermal Data System.

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