Sunday, September 11, 2011

Chile mine rescue leader to speak at Mine Inspector's conference

Richard Soppe of Center Rock Industries, who was responsible for the internationally renowned Chilean mine rescue, will be the featured speaker at the Arizona Mine Inspector’s Annual Fall Mining Conference Kick-Off Dinner, October 12th at the Phoenix Airport Marriott located at 44th Street and the 202 Freeway, beginning at 5:00 PM.

State Mining Inspector Joe Hart says "The third annual Fall Mine Conference is an opportunity for all mining sectors to come together in one place for the common goal of safety."
On August 5, 2010, thirty-three Chilean miners were rescued 68 days after a cave-in nearly killed them. After weeks of fear, desperation and finally hope, the miners were pulled out one by one in a capsule that carried them through a narrow tube of solid rock — An amazing and unprecedented 23-hour marathon of rescues. The men emerged to tears and embraces from relatives, and cheers, as tens of millions of people watched on television around the world to see a joyful end to the longest known ordeal of men trapped underground.

The August 5 collapse brought the 125-year-old San Jose mine's checkered safety record into focus and put Chile's top industry under close scrutiny. Many believe the collapse occurred because the mine was overworked and lacked essential safety features. Our mission in the great state of Arizona is to strive toward our collective goal of zero accidents for active and abandoned mines and to provide a commitment to train and bring our miners home safely to their families each night. Our staff works so that we will never have to experience such a tragedy or any other in the great State of Arizona.
Joe invites everyone to join him and meet these amazing rescuers and hear their compelling story.

Please fax Laurie Swartzbaugh at 602-542-5335 or via to RSVP. Please mail your check for $80.00 no later than October 5, 2011 to the State Mine Inspector, 1700 W Washington, Suite 403, Phoenix, AZ 85007.

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