Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sneak preview of report on economic impact of copper mining in Arizona

The Arizona Mining Association is about to release a new report on the economic impact of copper [right, native copper. Credit, USGS] on Arizona for 2010, from George Leaming at the Western Economic Analysis Center. We have a preview of the summary results, courtesy of AMA:

In 2010, the Arizona copper industry had a combined direct and indirect impact on the Arizona economy of $12.101 Billion

• including combined direct and indited contributions of
$3.624 Billion in personal income, (equivalent to 73,100 jobs for Arizonans)
$7.876 Billion in business sales, and
$601 Million in state and local government revenues as a result of the circulation (and multiplication) of the copper industry's total direct impact of $3.676 Billion

• that included direct payments of
$194.396 Million (28% over 2009) to the State and its local governments in taxes and fees,
$2,511.919 Million (19% more than in 2009) to other Arizona businesses for products and services, and
$970.019 Million (26% above 2009) in personal income for Arizonans, including wages and salaries for the industry's 10,400 employees, who labored to produce 63% of the copper mined in the United States, i.e. 797,408 tons of copper plus other minerals with a total value of
$6.034 Billion (42% more than in 2009).

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