Friday, September 09, 2011

Congressional Western Caucus calls for natural resources development

Republican members of the Congressional Western Caucus issued a report yesterday endorsing legislation that would promote mining and energy development among other resources, as job creation mechanisms. Among the bills they support is H.R. 1904-the Southeast Arizona Land Exchange and Conservation Act of 2011, "which would pave the way for the $4 billion Resolution Copper Mine."

They also call for passage of S. 1470/H.R. 2171 - Exploring for Geothermal Energy on Federal Lands Act, and H.R. 2172 - Utilizing America's Federal Lands for Wind Energy Act: "These bills would waive the application of NEPA to various proposed geothermal projects on federal lands, making it easier to develop this domestic energy resource."

The report also blames the Obama administration for increasing numbers of power outages such as the one that hit southern California and Arizona yesterday.

It appears that all the GOP members of the Arizona delegation endorsed the report.

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  1. Cattle Lena3:25 PM

    The mission of the Congressional Western Caucus is "to enhance, sustain, and preserve the West's dynamic and unique culture, and to find innovative solutions that address the destructive concerns facing western and rural counties. We believe economic growth and conservation are not mutually exclusive goals and can be accomplished by promoting balanced, common-sense reforms."

    It saddens me to see that members of the Congressional Western Caucus are all Republicans. Are the Congressional Democrats who represent portions of the West in opposition to these goals?