Sunday, September 04, 2011

Water resources report due in October

The latest issue of the Arizona Hydrologic Society is out and AHS Corporate Board President Alan Dulaney offers insights in his column on key water issues facing Arizona.

He writes that "The Water Resources Development Commission, established by House Bill 2661, has been meeting for over a year. Many of the subcommittees have been meeting frequently during that time period in order to get their reports ready. The overall report is due to the Arizona Legislature in October 2011. The reports that are ready can be viewed on the ADWR Website at:" Alan observed that "some of the representative of more rural counties seemed startled to find that they were identified as potentially short of water by 2060..."

He also commented on the longer running appraisal study that the Bureau of Reclamation has been doing for all the states in the Colorado River watershed. "ADWR has participated in this study, and the Water Atlas has formed a major chunk of what was utilized for Arizona. Coincidentally, the Water Atlas was also at the heart of the report provided by the Water Supply and Demand Subcommittee for the WRDC. The Water Atlas was an important piece of work for ADWR over the last several years. It is a sad comment on the agency’s fate that most of the people who developed it are now gone..."

The AHS Annual Symposium is coming up in Flagstaff, Sept. 18-20.

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