Saturday, April 07, 2012

Progress on State Geothermal Data project

Several interchange formats were developed for new data content types by the Arizona Geological Survey and subsequently reviewed and approved by the US Dept. of Energy-led National Geothermal Data System (NGDS) Development and Population Technical Working Group (GDSDPWG). These content models are now available on the project website for download, by visiting

The new content models are:
Geothermal Areas
Heat Pump Facility
Geothermal Power Plant
Thermal Conductivity

The GDSDPWG is composed of representatives from each of the national NGDS data acquisition projects (Boise State University, AZGS, Southern Methodist University, and USGS), original members of the NGDS Design award, and the US Department of Energy, who meet periodically as part of this technical working group.

The GDSDPWG serves as an initial point of review for products, technical standards, procedures, protocols, and web services developed by AZGS for the NGDS Design project. The working group provides recommendations to AZGS which are then be communicated to the NGDS Design Project Steering Committee in the form of written reports and other documents (see AZGS revised scope of work). The GDSDPWG does not approve proposals or products, but plays a critical role in ensuring the integration of the NGDS Design project with other DOE initiatives.

And if that hasn't confused you, you should participate in developing and reviewing the interchange formats and content models themselves.

We also got NEPA clearance this week for field work and drilling projects in 10 states as part of the new data collection tasks in the AZGS-led project. AZGS geologists will be gathering geochemical data from hot springs across Arizona. The NEPA process has been underway for 10 months.

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