Sunday, April 15, 2012

Seismicity catalog for Arizona

The most recent attempt at putting together a comprehensive historical earthquake catalog for Arizona was done as part of a M.S. thesis by Jeff Lockridge, a graduate student at Arizona State University, in 2011. He includes a couple of links to the catalog and the primary sources:

Citations for the catalog can be downloaded from:

When we used this catalog to develop some animations of earthquakes last year, we made a few additions and subtractions to the catalog. One clarification is that the original compilation of historical seismicity for Arizona was done by our predecessor agency, the Arizona Bureau of Mines and Geology, not by the Arizona Earthquake Information Center (based at NAU) as is listed in Lockridge's thesis. We also added in some of the larger earthquakes that have occurred close enough to Arizona to be felt substantially, even though they were located in Mexico, So. Calif., New Mexico, or Utah, and removed a few apparent duplicate records. [Right, Arizona seismicity, 2010-11. From the Arizona Geology online magazine]

The AEIC maintains its own catalog of Arizona earthquakes, nearly all of which should be in the Lockridge compilation:

Ref: Seismicity within Arizona During the Deployment of the EarthScope USArray Transportable Array, by Jeffrey Steven Lockridge, A Thesis Presented in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree, Master of Science, Arizona State University, June 2011

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