Sunday, April 15, 2012

Town of Florence condemns copper company offices

The rancorous debate over the proposed in situ copper recovery project in Florence took a strange turn last week when the town condemned the offices and visitor center of Curis Resources, over driveway access and water issues. I believe the photo at right is of the affected buildings. [Credit, Curis Resources]

According to the TriValley Central newspaper, the town says "Curis was first notified of the violations and the need to make the necessary improvements on July 15, 2010. The owner made no attempt to rectify the health and safety violations or to begin the process of rectifying the health and safety violations, the town said."

In a follow-up story (editorial?) by the Florence Reminder, the newspaper editor quoted Curis officials from a response to questions they posed:

“This is a highly unusual act, by any measure, and seems far beyond what would be considered reasonable or conducive to private business in Florence. Particularly given the fact that the building has been in continuous use for the last 20-plus years without incident."

“... this appears to be a deliberate act by the town to seek publicity and publicly harm Curis and attack the integrity of our employees – many of whom are residents of this community.”

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