Monday, January 14, 2013

Arizona's Natural Resources Review Council for federal lands

 Gov. Jan Brewer announced her intent in her State of the State address today to create a Natural Resource Review Council to coordinate state responses to federal actions on public lands.   The purpose of the NRRC is described in her strategic plan for the year, 'The Four Cornerstones of Reform:  Building a Framework of Effective and Responsible Governance" (

The ability of State natural resource agencies to engage and impact federal land and resource plans is paramount. By strengthening the coordination of programs among these agencies and local jurisdictions,  Arizona can address federal encroachment and effectively impact public land and resource management through a comprehensive State natural resource management vision and strategy.  Cross-agency coordination is imperative to a sound and timely response to federal actions that will affect State resources and rural economies.
We must protect State interests related to wildlife, land, water, and natural resources by actively engaging and countering federal encroachment on State authorities tasked with managing Arizona’s natural resources.  I will issue an Executive Order creating a Natural Resources Review Council to develop a strategy to manage our natural resources in a coordinated effort designed to promote economic development in Arizona.

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