Friday, January 18, 2013

Wells drilled in Arizona in 2012

Oil & Gas Administrator Steve Rauzi told the Arizona Oil & Gas Conservation Commission on Friday that 18 new drilling permits were issued and 12 wells were drilled since their last meeting on October 19, 2012. For the full 2012 year, 53 drilling permits were issued and 42 wells were drilled. All but three permits and wells drilled were stratigraphic tests for potash. The three non-potash related permits were for an exploration well near Holbrook and obligation wells at the St Johns Gas Unit.

Passport Potash drilled 24 wells west and southwest of Petrified Forest National Park. American West Potash drilled 15 wells east of Petrified Forest National Park. Triomphe Energy drilled an exploration well for oil and gas north of Holbrook; and Kinder Morgan drilled two wells in its St Johns Gas Unit.

A preliminary drilling report was published in the latest issue of the Arizona Geology online magazine.

The Commission is an independent body appointed by the Governor.  Since they have no staff, AZGS is tasked in statute to provide technical and administrative support to them.

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