Sunday, January 13, 2013

Bill would require AZGS to create mining and mineral museum

State Senator Ableser (D-Tempe) has introduced Senate Bill 1017 to have the Arizona Geological Survey create a mining and mineral museum. He introduced a similar bill last year when he was a State Representative, but it never got a hearing.  The bill was drafted without our involvement.  [Right, native copper on display at the UA Mineral Museum and site]

The key change in the AZGS statute states:

The Arizona geological survey shall maintain a mining and mineral museum as the state depository for collecting, cataloging and displaying mining artifacts and specimens of various ores, gemstones and lapidary material and other valuable mineral specimens.  In connection with the museum, the state geologist may:

1.  Establish and collect entrance fees to the museum for persons who are at least eighteen years of age.

2.  Operate a retail gift shop, including the acquisition, purchase and resale of mineral specimens and mineral-related items.

3.  Employ a curator for the museum.

4.  Pay the necessary maintenance and operation expenses of the museum.


  1. I vote yes! (Okay, I don't get a vote in this case, but I REALLY miss the old museum).

  2. Anonymous6:01 PM

    It has my support, too. A mining museum in Nevada? It just makes sense. Should be a tourist/geologist hot spot.