Thursday, May 02, 2013

Arizona touted as low cost producer to break Canadian lock on potash market

There's an interesting column by one of the Motley Fool team, making the case that the rising costs for developing new potash mines in Saskatchewan are making Arizona look like a good deal.

Canada produces over 40% of the world's potash which is used mostly as fertilizer and the US imports more than 85% of the potash needed in the nation.    But estimated costs for junior miners in Saskatchewan to start a new mine have ballooned to be twice the cost per tonne of production of a new mine in Arizona according to Peter Epstein.  He urges investors to look at Apache Junction-based Passport Potash  which is trying to develop a 2 million tonne per year underground potash mine in the Holbrook area.  [Right, thickness map of potash in Holbrook basin.  From AZGS report]

[Thanks to Thomas Poscharsky for bringing the column to my attention]

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