Sunday, May 26, 2013

Updated Arizona subsidence maps and new interactive viewer now online

Brian Conway at the Arizona Dept. of Water Resources has updated the majority of the land subsidence maps on ADWR’s website using InSAR data through April 2013.  You can view the list of land subsidence areas at this link:

Brian also created a new interactive land subsidence map using Google Maps that replaces the PDF map from a few years ago.  You can access the map using this link:

Brian says the new map is very similar to the PDF map.  You can simply click on the land subsidence feature either on the map itself or on the table of contents on the left side of the map to gain access to the webpage for each individual land subsidence feature. [Right, latest subsidence map for Green Valley-Sahuarita area, south of Tucson.  The subsidence area underlies large pecan groves.  Copper mine pits and tailings piles can be seen in the topography to the west.   Credit, ADWR]

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