Sunday, May 05, 2013

Possible meteorite from Mercury donated to ASU

A piece of what may be the first meteorite from Mercury found on Earth has been donated to the ASU Center for Meteorite Studies in Tempe.

ASU's School of Earth & Space Exploration reports that

meteorite enthusiast Fredric Stephan donated two pieces of specimen NWA 732, a green meteorite recovered in Morocco, totaling 10 grams. CMS now holds 10 grams of the 345 grams found. [Right,  Melissa Morris (assistant director of ASU’s Center for Meteorite Studies), meteorite collector Fredric Stephan, and Laurence Garvie (collection manager of ASU’s Center for Meteorite Studies) hold samples of the center’s newest acquisition: A meteorite that has been suggested to hail from planet Mercury. Photo by Andy DeLisle.  Credit, ASU]

[Taken from the ASU announcement]

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