Saturday, May 31, 2014

Abstracts due for national AIPG-AHS joint meeting in Prescott, Arizona

A reminder that abstracts are due June 2 for the joint national meeting of the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) and the annual meeting of the Arizona Hydrological Society (AHS), to be held in Prescott, Sept. 13-16, 2014.   I'm reposting the AIPG-AHS announcement below.  The range of topics for presentation is wide.

Join the American Institute of Professional Geologists (AIPG) and the Arizona Hydrological Society (AHS) for the 2014 Water and Rocks, the Foundations of Life National Conference in Prescott, Arizona.
How to Submit Abstracts - pdf file

To have your abstract considered for a presentation or poster, please go to to submit an abstract online by June 2, 2014. Abstracts must be in Word format, single spaced, 12 point Times New Roman, and should not exceed one page. No tables or pictures will be accepted. You will be notified by June 16, 2014 if your abstract has been accepted. Extended abstracts and full papers are welcome, but not required. Please contact Cathy Duran with AIPG if you have any additional questions. Phone: (303) 412-6205 or E-mail:

Potential Topics Sample

    Application of GW Flow Models to Water Planning
    Colorado River
    Colorado River & Suspended Sediment
    Colorado River Experimental High Flows
    Colorado River Watershed & Uranium
    Colorado River Watershed Springs
    Drought & Climate Change
    Ecosystem Flow Needs
    Engineering Geology
    Environmental Geology
    Ethics/International Practices in the Profession
    Geochemistry & Geomorphology
    Geographic Information System Applications
    Geology of Arizona
    Geophysics & Groundwater
    Geophysics & Subsidence
    Groundwater Management & Policy
    Groundwater Modeling
    Groundwater Quality
    Hydraulic Fracturing
    Hydrogeologic Framework Studies
    Industrial Minerals
    Long-Term Groundwater/Surface Water Monitoring
    Mine Closure & Reclamation
    Mine Water
    Mining & Economic Geology
    Oil & Gas
    Overdraft, Safe Yield &
    Porphyry Copper
    Precious Metals
    Project Profiles
    Rare Earth Elements
    Reclamation in Arid Environments
    San Pedro Watershed
    Santa Cruz River
    Springs as Geochemical & Biodiversity Indicators
    Surface Water - Groundwater Interaction
    Surface Water Quality
    Tribal Water Concerns/Management Strategies
    Verde River Watershed
    Water Management
    Water Quality Management
    Young Professionals/Early Career Scientists

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