Sunday, May 04, 2014

The fascinating history and character of Grand Canyon’s thickest limestone - the Redwall

What makes the Redwall Limestone a unique and important stratigraphic unit in the Grand Canyon? This is just one of the questions asked and answered in a new guide to the Redwall presented in slide format by AZGS geologist Brian Gootee. Written to aid Canyon guides in describing the geology of Grand Canyon, this colorful product should be of use to K-20 educators, professional geologists, and people generally interested in geology.

Jargon is minimized and the colorful illustrations and pictures provide a framework for understanding the underlying geologic concepts.

You can download the 27 slide presentation (13 Mb) from the AZGS online document repository:

To complement this presentation, please visit our interactive map of Grand Canyon at; and our virtual tour of the Canyon, “A Geologist in Grand Canyon – Lees Ferry to river-mile 226” with AZGS geologist Steve Rauzi.

[guest post by Mike Conway, Chief of the AZGS Geologic Extension Service]

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