Saturday, May 17, 2014

AZGS-built data network to be showcased at White House Energy "Datapalooza"

AZGS will be participating in the White House 2014 Energy Datapalooza, "highlighting private-sector innovators harnessing the power of data to build the clean energy economy."   Details are still being finalized but the AZGS-managed National Geothermal Data System ( is expected to be showcased with examples of how industry is using the system to enhance exploration for geothermal energy nationwide.

Project Manager Kim Patten and I will be there to run live demos of NGDS as part of a “Technology Showcase” of over 30 innovative uses of energy data, following the formal presentations.

The program is co-sponsored by U.S. Dept. of Energy and the General Services Administration.
 Special Guests:
The Honorable Ernest Moniz, U.S. Secretary of Energy

John Podesta, Counselor to the President

John Holdren, Assistant to the President for Science and Technology
Director, Office of Science and Technology Policy

Todd Park, Assistant to the President, U.S. Chief Technology Officer

Dan Tangherlini, Administrator, General Services Administration
NGDS is operational but still developing and expanding.  More than 60 geological surveys, universities, and labs currently provide free online access to over 10 million records and 40,000 documents in the federated national data network via web services.   

AZGS took over full operation of the NGDS on May 1, following nearly four years of design, build-out, and deployment of the system by a collection of cooperating projects funded by the US DOE Geothermal Technologies Office.  AZGS led the largest of the projects and served as system designers.    NGDS is built on the US Geoscience Information Network (USGIN) data integration framework, also led by AZGS. 

A free software stack is downloadable for any data provider to set up their own node in the network to share data.  USGIN and NGDS meet all the requirements of the White House Open Data Access Initiative.

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  1. Anonymous5:25 AM

    It is such as shame that there are so many lefties you will showcasing your project to. Podesta and holdren in particular. No slam on project just the people who are viewing it who wont appreciate it.