Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rio Tinto names Resolution Copper project one of 3 best prospects

Rio Tinto's CEO Sam Walsh told an Australian mining investment conference that the Resolution copper project in Arizona as one of the "three best development prospects on Rio's books.”    Rio Tinto is the operating partner in the joint venture with BHP Billiton.

The Resolution Copper project could supply as much as one-quarter of US copper needs for 40 years.  It will be an underground mine near the town of Superior.  The company is drilling a shaft to 7,500 foot depth, but is waiting for Congress to act on a land exchange bill the company says is necessary for them to proceed.   [Right, diagram of proposed underground block caving method.  Credit, Resolution Copper mine plan of operations]

The other two top ranked projects are the La Granja copper project in Peru,  and Australia's South of Embley bauxite project.

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  1. Anonymous5:57 PM

    Would it not be nice if we could get the politics out and continue with this world class project? While we are at it lets get Rosemont going also and stop the drama with the ocelot who just happened to show up. Picture showed large trees in background and as I recall, those type of tree don't exist around the Rosemont mine area. So real convenient hey?