Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Arizonans support uranium mining, nuclear power, Yucca Mtn repository

Fifty-five percent of the Arizonans surveyed support the Yucca Mountain Project [right, south portal with boring machine. Credit US DOE] to store radioactive waste from nuclear power plants in Nevada. This compares to 58% of Nevadans who oppose the plan, according to a new poll in the Las Vegas Review Journal published this morning.

The poll shows
only 20% of Arizonans opposed the plan but 51% of Utahns surveyed were opposed. A "temporary" nuclear waste repository proposed on the Skull Valley Indian reservation west of Salt Lake City is opposed by the the governor of Utah and others, and has raised the public debate of the issue across that state.

The LVRJ poll also found that "58% percent of those polled in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, New Mexico, Utah and Wyoming supported increased uranium mining to expand nuclear power."

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